Jonah Perez has been living with a hereditary kidney disorder that, over the last ten plus years has continually deteriorated his kidney function. Jonah’s disease leaves him with very low energy, and medications he takes have side effects that leave him extremely ill. Dialysis and transplant are the only options for Jonah to live. Right now, Jonah undergoes dialysis nightly. He as been approved for a kidney transplant at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon.

The Donor Registry takes an average of 5 ½ years in Oregon to receive a match. The best non-living donation is not as good as a live donor for Jonah’s long term survival rate.  A live donor might extend kidney function twice as long – or more – than a deceased donor from the registry. Incredibly, Jonah’s sister who lives near Portland is an excellent match for donation and has been approved to donate. The transplant is scheduled for March 6th!! Jonah’s care partner, his childhood friend Shannon, has been helping with his medical care since November and will through the transplant and recovery. 

 As a young, otherwise healthy father of two, it is so important to get Jonah back on track with his health, his ability to work and the energy level he’s used to having! Jonah is still in need of your help, through donation, volunteer and spreading the word to get more assistance to Jonah to get him through this critical period.


We’re in the home stretch as far as getting Jonah a new kidney, but we’re still in need of a great deal of help. Jonah has been out of work since late November and has no disability income. Right now he is getting by with the help of friends and eager to get back to work as soon as he is recovered from surgery! Any help, every share to spread the message can help keep Jonah afloat! Please consider donating to help.

We try to keep everyone updated with the most recent health and transplant details on the blog. We’re also on facebook.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition characterized by a gradual loss of kidney function over time. It’s a hereditary condition that can’t be helped and those who suffer from it have to restrict their diets and their lifestyles enormously. We’ve outlined some of the ways this affects Jonah on this website.